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[GUNPRIMER] PLG1-P (Point Line) details

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Don't fail because I dig the inside of the ditch! A sheet-type striped guide tape is on the market!

GUNPRIMER Panel Line Guide 1 (Point Line)

Composition: 1 sheet / 120 pieces Size Variations: Width 0.4mm Width 0.6mm Width 0.8mm Width 1.0mm ※For beginners to middle class


A sheet type set of streaking guide tapes.

The Panel Line Guide 1 series is mainly designed for new creators.

This recessed point guide is a tool for easily carving striped, thick, and short lines (hereafter referred to as recessed points) across the mechanical model.

You can engrave beautiful recessed points by using a line engraving tool that is the same width as the product size and lightly and repeatedly scratching.