Easy and clean plastic model gate processing!

Surface treatment with gate processing and support material is completed with a special tempered glass polishing tool that does not damage parts!



For plastic model gate treatment and surface treatment.


The Gate Remover Set is an epoch-making tool set for gate processing in which three types of polishing materials that change the conventional gate processing concept are combined into one set

It is also recommended for gate processing of clear parts that are cumbersome and difficult to clean.


There are three types of polishing tools: “RASER”, “BALANCER”, and “RECOVER”.

Each can be used to perform a series of operations from gate processing to surface treatment according to

your preference.


Material : Cotton + poly

Size : 100*360mm

Weight : 0.062lb



  1.  RECOVER 2ea


Delivery period : To USA about 1~2 weeks


VIDEO 1  /  VIDEO 2  /  VIDEO 3




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  • [Precautions for use]

    * The set polishing tools can be washed with water. If it becomes dirty, it can be reused after washing with water and drying.

    * Use for all plastics. Do not use on metal.


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    Please email us for joint purchase.
    You can save your shipping cost by purchasing 10 units.

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