Air transportable country 

United States, Japan, Netherlands, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Germany, France, Mexico, Russia, Luxembourg, Batikan, Vietnam, Bhutan, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, San Marino, Switzerland, Spain, Slovenia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Britain, Italy, India, Indonesia, China, Chile, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Canada, Thailand, Poland


 Only ship shipping is allowed 

South Africa, Norway, Bangladesh, Sweden, Ireland, Peru, Finland, Australia

UPDATE: 10/14/2020


Dear Customers,

Thank you for shopping at our store.

Delivery delay due to the recent situation with COVID-19 around the world. Some countries cannot be shipped, so please contact us before purchasing.

​Currently, countries that cannot select delivery in our store cannot ship with the shipping method we have contracted.

In that case, the fare is expensive, but you can use DHL or UPS.

If you let me know the product and quantity you want, we'll let you know the price.

Convenient to use the chat function in the lower right corner. Please understand if the reply is delayed due to the international time difference.

We wish for everyone to stay safe.


- GUNPRIMER support team

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