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Easily reinforce the loose joints and moving parts of the character model!

Special tapes for reinforcing moving parts listed in large quantities!

Contents: GUNPRIMER (gunprimer) joint guard (joint reinforcement tape)

Size: About 105x175mm

Number of publications: 1,054

Tape color: Light gray

Material: Polypropylene (tape surface non-slip coating)


■ How to use the joint guard and the video (about 2 minutes)

This is a special reinforcing tape to recover the looseness of joints and moving parts of the mechanical model.

In order to reinforce a loose joint until now, it was necessary to adjust it by sharpening with an adhesive and then adjusting it by scraping or re-placing it, or by sticking it to the joint while cutting out a small tape by yourself.

This joint guard has been developed so that even these loose joint parts can be easily maintained for a long time.

Reinforcing tape has been cut into strips in six sizes to suit various shafts. In addition, it is a soft special tape with a non-slip coating on the surface, so it can reinforce the joints without applying excessive tension to the parts.

In particular, the joint parts made of PS, which are often found in the latest kits, are easy to loosen, making them ideal for such joints and movable parts.

In addition, a total of 1,054 reinforcing tapes are listed, so a single sheet can be used for several dozen mechanical models.


■ How to use

(1) Select and paste a joint guard with a size that covers about 2/3 of the loose parts.

(2) Use one to three sheets according to the degree of looseness if necessary.

(3) When holding heavy parts, attach a small amount of instantaneous adhesive to the side of the tape and dry it. (See the video below)

■ Reinforcement method for holding heavy parts (about 1 minute)

【important point】

* Be sure to remove the grease and dust from the surface before applying.

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