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JOINT GUARD [1,054 Pieces]

JOINT GUARD [1,054 Pieces]


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JOINT GUARD is a special pre-cut reinforcement sticker to reinforce loosened moving parts and joints. A total of 1,054 stickers are pre-cut into six different sizes and can be easily used to reinforce any size joints.


1. Pre-cut Metallic PET material sticker is durable and easy-to-use.
2. 6 different sizes for easy application onto variety of join types.
3. Incisions on each sticker simplifies application for a snog fit.
4. 1,054 pieces for enough use.


How to Use
Apply JOINT GUARD approximately two-thirds of the joint's height, then join the parts together.


The adhesive strength of JOINT GUARD weakens when applied to a joint with an oily surface. Ensure to remove any oil using a solvent such as alcohol before application. 




1. Company: GUNPRIMER


3. Tagline: Reinforcement Sticker

4. Quantity: 1 Sheet [1,054 Pieces]

5. Material: PET

6. Product Code: JG-RE1-A1

7. Country of Origin: Republic of Korea

8. Package Size: 110 x 210 x 0.5mm / Weight: 10g

9. Product Size: 105 x 177 x 0.3mm / Weight: 5g

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