Welcome to the influencer Partners page.

Introduce the PAYBACK System.

We issue a 10% discount code to our partner. 

ex) "Gunprimer10" (can be used without case-sensitive)

Customers can receive a 10% discount when purchasing a product using this code. 

And if the customer uses the discount coupon, they return 50% of the discount to the partner. 

This is a way to benefit both our customers and our partners who purchase our products.

This is our reward for our partners who have worked hard to promote Gunprimer.

We hope to grow with our partners.

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This is the details of using the coupon in July.

Based on this data, we give PAYBACK to our partners. 

Because we can accurately identify it through statistics on our website, we can accurately PAYBACK on a fixed date every month. 

You just need to create an account for PAYPAL and let us know your email.

※ PAYBACK applies only to a maximum of 20 people by the statistics system. PAYBACK does not apply if it does not fall within 20 people.


​About product promotion.​

  • We support the products that our partners need. Support is limited to one product per month. The support Products may vary depending on the partner's working style. 

  • If you need any products other than the ones you support, please purchase them yourself. You may use the discount code issued to you. (Discount 10% + PAYBACK 5%) 



  • Read the description of the website carefully and use it correctly before using the product. 

  • If you don't know how to use the product, please ask us. 

  • You should not display exaggerated or false information to promote our product.

  • If there are any improvements to the product, please let us know. We will try to improve it. 

  • Please don't divulge our contract.