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Welcome to the GUNPRIMER partnership page. 

Anyone who is using a GUNPRIMER product can be a partner. 


The GUNPRIMER partnership is based on Goaffpro Affiliate Marketing. 

Feel free to create your own link and code to promote it.



Important Matters


1. Sign up for Goaffpro

Sign up by entering your primary email address to receive updates and promotions targeted at our partners.



2. Get Referral Link and Coupon

Join Goaffpro, Referral Link and Reference Coupon are automatically created and can be freely modified by the subscriber.


① Referral Link : Subscriber's own link.

② Coupon Code : It's a coupon that customers can get a 10% discount when they purchase.

③ Personal Discount : This is a discount code to support our partners. This does not count towards marketing performance. Use it only to purchase the products you need.

3. Modifying Referral Link

On the Settings tab, you can change the referral code to any word you want.

(Referral Link  = Referral Code )


You can also create dedicated links for specific products in the Marketing Tools tab. Use it when promoting a specific product.


4. Fill out your PAYPAL information

Fill out your PAYPAL information from your Goaffpro dashboard. 

If the information is wrong, you cannot get a commission.


5. Settlement date

We will send commission on sales to your PayPal account within 5 days of the following month.

6. Marketing Performance Bonus !!

 $10 extra bonus for every 10 orders (up to $150) 


1. When reviewing or promoting a product, write the product name clearly. Please write the product name in capital letters.

2. Read the description of the website carefully and use it correctly before using the product. If you don't know how to use the product, please ask us. 

3. You should not display exaggerated or false information to promote our product.

4. If there are any improvements to the product, please let us know. We will try to improve it. 

5. Please don't divulge our contract.

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