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SAND-LOOP FLAT [for Flat Surface/ 2ea]

SAND-LOOP FLAT [for Flat Surface/ 2ea]


SAND-LOOP FLAT is a high performance sandpaper based on the ultra-precision sandpaper used on the semiconductor manufacturing process which has superior durability and grinding capability compared to conventional sandpapers. It’s adhesive backing allows to be attached and detached easily on a sanding stick or it can be used as a stand alone sandpaper. Available in four different grits: 220, 320, 400, 600.


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1. Company: GUNPRIMER


3. Tagline: Precision Sanding Sheet

4. Type: Sheet

5. Grit: 220 / 320 / 400 / 600 Grit

6. Quantity: 2ea

7. Material: Silicon Carbide

8. Product Code: SL-M220-H / SL-M320-H / SL-M400-H / SL-M600-H

9. Country of Origin: Republic of Korea

10. Package Size: 80 x 240 x 1mm / Weight: 20g

11. Product Size: 61 x 200 x 0.5mm / Weight: 6g

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