Have you ever been tired of running out of work space when making a lot of runner models?This runner clip is a simple and convenient runner stand designed to make effective use of the limited work space.Easy to use! Just insert the runner corner into the top of the clip body and let it stand.This alone can expand the work space and at the same time increase the assembly efficiency.It is possible to stand one runner with a single clip. In addition, since the runner number part of the injection part can be attached to the clip,there is a fun contrivance that you do not have to bother looking at the runner number to retrieve the necessary runner from many runners.** For thin runners, it can be fixed by attaching multiple layers of GUNPRIMER JOINT GUARD. Cilp Size : 60*15*18mmWeight : 0.29lb (1box)Components :  Clip(10ea), Number(2ea)Material : plastic Delivery period : To USA about 1~2 weeks
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