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GLAZER [60ml]

GLAZER [60ml]


GLAZER is the first product ever created specifically for the maintenance of models and collectible figures. Using "Nanoparticle Silicon," it forms a thin protective layer that helps preserve a long-lasting, high-quality surface by guarding against UV-induced discoloration. Additionally, it reduces diffuse reflections on both matte and glossy surfaces while enhancing contrast for a more defined appearance. Its simple and easy application method ensures a hassle-free experience.
Tested free of harmful substances, it can be safely applied to any surfaces including glass and acrylic display cases to prevent dust adhesion, fingerprints, water stains, static, and minor scratches. 

GLAZER is the ultimate, a must-have maintenance agent for all hobby collectors


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1. Company: GUNPRIMER

2. Model: GLAZER

3. Tagline: Finishing Solution

4. Type: Stand-alone / 60ml

5. Quantity: 1ea

6. Material: Nanocrystalline Silicon

8. Product Code: GZ-A60

9. Country of Origin: Republic of Korea

10. Package Size: 

11. Product Size: 35 x 35 x 115mm / Weight: 78g



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