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Updated: Apr 14, 2021

VOID OPEN !!!!!!

When ordering only VOID, delivery to USA takes about 5-7 days. When ordering only VOID, delivery to Japan takes about 3-5 days.


The low power and low noise design allows for 24 hours of air purification as well as dust reduction.It is a functional air purifier that sucks dust intensively and quickly with its unique circular design and dual filtering system.

Name : VOID


Size : 265*265*170 (Area of about A4 paper)

Power : This product is DC 12v(length 1.5m) and can be used in any country. However, The connector is not included. Use s connector that is suitable for your country.

Noise : 30~40db (White noise when listening to music or talking.)

Fan speed : 2,200 rpm


■ Recommended Consumer

It is designed for those who want to work safely from the toxicity of dust and paint in a narrow space without external exhaust system.

It's ideal for long hours works because it doesn't disturb you when you listen to music or talk.


■ Filtering technology

e-Nano filter + Secondary filter. Adsorb dust by electrostatic method.

(Filters can be additional purchased.)

1) e-Nano filter :

It is a primary filter that adsorbs dust and has high air permeability and suppresses vortices. You can minimize the damage and loss of filters by inhaling and cleaning dust with a vacuum cleaner. (The filter may need to be replaced depending on your environment.)

2) Secondary filter :

It is an electrostatic filter that plays an important role in ultrafine dust filtration when operating as an air purifier. It is a disposable filter that needs to be replaced if it is contaminated.


■ Note :

1) This product is designed to prevent inhalation of micro-sized dust into the nose. Heavy and large dust can fall to the ground by gravity before sucking up the void.

2) Work within 5 ~ 10cm From the hole in the center.At the same time as the sanding work, suction can be carried out, and it is more effective to shake off the dust on the parts and tools.

3) Please use low speed when using electric grinder.

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