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[GUNPRIMER] PLG2-C (Curved line)

It is a sheet type curved line engraving guide tape that is easy to cut and fold with color!

GUMPER Panel Line Guide ver.2 (curved guide)

Size: 105x175mm


Tape Width: 3mm

A sheet type curved line engraving guide tape.

The Panel Line Guide ver.2 series is designed to improve work efficiency for middle-class people with streaking.

This ver.2 curve guide has a circular tape cut to make it easier to use,

for example, to carve various curves or straight straight lines along ridges for curved parts.

In addition, the GUPRIMER - Panel Line Guide ver.2 (Straight line) provides a sheet with a square scale (2mm,3mm) in the guide.

Unlike regular tape scales, this scale has a thin fold that allows you to fold and paste at a steep angle when carving lines across corners.It is also convenient to match the length correctly.

The curves have different diameters and are uniform in width, so you can connect them together to create , soft line.One sheet of paper is included in one product.

  • Video explains how to use it.


※ Please take off the oil and dust on the surface to be pasted before pasting.Also, be careful not to touch the adhesive surface as much as possible when you touch it with your fingertips.

*For engraving, we recommend using it in combination with various other engraving tools


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