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[GUNPRIMER] GPS (delicate panelliner)

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

A carving tool that even beginners can use like a pen!

Contents: GUNPRIMER GP panel liner (2 pieces)
set content:
・ GP panel liner x2 (stainless steel)
・ 1 x 0.3mm sharp for XENO-XD drawing (grip for panel liner)
・ Panel line guide 1 Straight 0.2mm sample x 1


A plamodel parts carving tool that can use a 0.3mm mechanical pen as a grip and draw lines as if holding a pen. It is compatible with the GUNPRIMER's panel line guide series, such as resculpting existing plamodel parts carving and creating new panel lines.

Adjust the position of the clip on the grip, and carve it according to the carving position of the cutting edge. (See image)