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Updated: Oct 15, 2019

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■ RASER (laser) x1

Material: Tempered glass

Size: 90mm x11mm x3.5mm

Although the surface does not have eyes like normal file, it is a tool that can polish the gate like sandpaper.

Manufactured through an original numerical method, it is characterized by no scratches even if the corners touch parts.

Clear parts can gate processing more easily than using a normal file.

In addition, since there is no frayed eyes, there is no irritation to the skin, and even if the child's skin is rubbed, it will not be scratched.

From beginner to advanced, you can use it safely and semi-permanently.



Size: 90mm x18mm x15mm

This product is composed of both a “sandpaper surface” for polishing to create a fine matte surface and a “shiner surface” for polishing gloss. After polishing the gate with RASER, the surface texture of the entire part can be blended in evenly.

Various textures such as matte, semi-gloss, and gloss can be expressed to your liking.



One size: 90mm x90mm

Repairs the texture of the plastic surface after processing. The surface to use is the “black” surface.

This is a special material product that makes the surface treated parts feel like the original surface of plastic. Two sheets are set so that they can be used for polishing plastic powder after processing with RASER.



■ Pull-out case (size)

・ Outer box: Length 200mm x Width 135mm x Height 30mm

・ Inner box: Length 197mm x Width 127mm x Height 25mm

・ Storage size: 180mm x 110mm x x 13mm depth

Drawer type case designed for long term storage of each product.

Each product can be stored in an easy-to-use manner so that the used products can be reused. It is a spacious size that can store the GUNPRIMER's panel line series and tools together.

[Precautions for use]

* RASER does not clog, but plastic powder adheres after polishing. If left untreated, the polishing power will drop, so be sure to keep it clean with RECOVER after use.

*RASER is made of tempered glass material, but please note that the material is broken by external shock.

* The set polishing tools can be washed with water. If it becomes dirty, it can be reused after washing with water and drying.

* Use for all plastics. Do not use on metal.

* The special case has a paper surface. Please note that it may be damaged if wet.

* For other usages, see the following video (volume caution) and the attached “User Manual”.

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